Monday, February 10, 2014

Ciudad de Mexico Week 3 February 10, 2014


This week has been pretty crazy because there was a Mexican holiday and the people celebrate as much as possible. The streets are absolutely filled with all kinds of carnival rides and food stands. When you add about a million gets pretty crowded. There is literally not a square inch of walking space! But it's perfect for talking to people and getting lots of contacts! From our apartment you can hear absolutely everything throughout the entire night.
View from the roof of the apartment
No more washing machine... We do our laundry the pioneer way with a little water, some soap, and a wash board. We felt really bad because we were using a member's machine and it uses a lot of water....and they're really poor.

On the day of the holiday, we had to be in our apartments an hour early because of all the parties, drunk men, etc. While walking home we had to walk through a huge crowd gathered around a giant stage where a Mariachi band was performing. We wanted to stop and listen so bad!! We got to our apartment (which was on the same street as the celebration), ran to the roof, and watched the band from there. There was a man playing the accordion, another playing the trumpet, another playing the guitar, and they all sang in harmony. My comp., Hermana Valdez, taught me a few traditional Mexican dances (so different from any dances we have in the US) including one where you dance with a pineapple on top of your head.

Fiesta en la Calle
I'm learning how to cook the food here and it is so fun! The members noticed how interested I was and when we eat at their houses for lunch they always teach me something new. Corn tortillas from scratch, black beans....Yum! I may look like a 5'10'' white girl with blue eyes and blond hair...but I'm Mexican at heart! 

Yesterday we were walking back to our apartment after lunch and as we got to the door a giant bus drove by. When it was right in front of us the roof of the bus caught the telephone wires and they all came crashing down. There were live electric wires falling and swinging all around us. I quickly grabbed the other Hermanas and started running down the street. We stopped when it was safe, turned around, and watched the driver speed away with about 20 men and women chasing after him. When we got home later that night, none of the wires had been fixed or even touched. Watch your step!! 

Yesterday we ate at a member's and as we ate they were watching the Olympics. I couldn't help but peek over and look a few American pride got to me. As we began eating, I went to grab a tortilla and as I flipped the towel open it was absolutely covered in dog hair... I thought I was going to die! I looked down at my beans and that too was swimming in dog hair. I have never tried so hard to swallow every bite. Would you like some dog hair with a side of Mexican food anyone? A little extra protein never killed anybody did it?

Perros por todas partes
Saturday we all woke up at 4:15 AM. We had a big conference with all of the Southeast mission where Elder Christensen spoke. When we left the house, we were strictly prohibited to speak a word of English because it was so early and there were still a lot of scary people in the streets. When people hear English here they immediately think you have money. But no worries! My Spanish is coming along great! I can understand everything everyone is saying! The hard part is speaking it.. but it gets better and better every day! 

Yesterday, I went on a split with Hermana Benson. It was definitely a lot harder without our fluent companions but we were able to contact a ton of people in the streets and teach a few lessons. We sure have come a long way since the MTC! People were extra attentive to 2 white girls...maybe we should do that more often!

Hermana Benson Y Hermana Ingram
We have had a TON more success this week! I have been working my absolute hardest everyday and I'm finally seeing it pay off. Yesterday we were sitting in class at church when the bishop pulled me and my comp out. He was with a little man dressed in jeans and a torn up t-shirt. He told us that someone had given him our names and the address to the church and that he had been looking for us for the past week because he wants to become a member of the church. That never happens!!! I was SO happy! Later that night in our apartment someone buzzed our floor. We went down to see who it was and it was the bishop with a slip of paper. He told us that there was another really old lady that had been looking for us. Apparently she is really sick and immobile and wants to be baptized before she dies...2 in one day!! I couldn't believe it! Hard work pays off! It's so great to finally see blessings. These past few weeks we haven't had any success and it's finally starting to come. 

Adios!! Les amo mucho!

Hermana Ingram
Our Apartment
Lunch with some of the Elders

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