Monday, February 23, 2015

Week 57 More Mexican Cuisine February 23, 2015

The view from my roof
This is how I start my day. When you've lived in a place where the majority of what you see is concrete you grow to REALLY REALLY appreciate nature. I go up to the roof every morning just to look at the mountain. It's a good day starter ;) It's called Itztacc√≠huatl and it's a dormant volcano.

So we’ve been working like crazy with our investigator Jorge. My district leaders have been talking to lawyers for the past 2 weeks and I finally got a call from them saying that everything was cleared and that Jorge was eligible to get baptized. I was so excited!! We immediately went to Jorge’s house to fill him in on the good news. He literally couldn’t stop smiling when we told him. You should’ve seen the look on his face! I have never met ANYONE with a greater desire to be baptized than’s amazing. Anyways...he passed his baptismal interview and we started planning his baptism for Sunday. Sunday came and he showed up to church in slacks and a white shirt and tie ready for as he said it "the best day of his life". Everything was ready.... and then we got a phone call...he couldn’t get baptized.... I had to pull him aside and tell him the bad news...he was beyond devastated and walked away bawling. I was pretty frustrated with the whole thing to be honest.... but I guess everything happens for a reason. Jorge is going to get baptized someday and I’m going to make sure it happens!!! But for now, we’ll just continue preparing him!
This morning we played basketball, soccer, and volleyball.
Update on Ana Rosa (Adlolfo's friend who we have been teaching at his house)...She’s awesome!!! And she’s SO going to marry Adolfo...they’re in love:) She’s progressing really well:)

And we also have an investigator named Jessica whose baptism is next week so that’s good:)

So last Sunday we were invited to eat at the home of some members. There was a dish of what looked like salsa sitting on the table with the food. I thought it was some sort of salsa so I ate it without asking what it was...and it tasted kind of like salsa. Anyway, then the dad came and sat down and started talking about the ant eggs. "What ant eggs?" He pointed to the "salsa".
So yeah, we ate ant eggs in actually wasn't too bad.
These are the ant eggs before they are cooked
But you want to know a secret?? I usually carry around a plastic zip lock bag for emergencies. You never know when they’re going to serve you something disgusting. For example...the other day a lady served me a giant plate of papaya. I HATE PAPAYA! It literally smells like’s awful. Anyway...she left the room, I took out my plastic bag, emptied the papaya into the bag, sealed it up, stuffed it into my backpack, and continued as if I had been eating. I guess we learn how to get away with things here ha-ha. My mom says that it's good practice for Survivor. But Survivor no..plastic bags aren’t allowed! ha-ha
My emergency bag
Thursday I went on divisions again and got to know Hermana Valdivia a little better. She’s super awesome!! She’s from Tijuana Mexico and we’ll be going home together. It was great to get to know her and to be able to work with her in her area. I’m really looking forward to getting to work with the other Hermanas! But I think I’m going to be more like an assistant than anything. We have to be at every zone conference in the mission, train people, meetings...etc. All of next week and the week after I’ll be with the president. So I’m super excited because Hermanas aren’t allowed in almost all of the I'll get to see it all! There are only 2 zones for Hermanas; Neza and Oriental (before there was Parquet (where I started my mission) but they closed it down to sisters for safety reasons)

Anyway...nothing much happened this week! Just a lot of hard work! I love you all to the moon and back!!
Yuca fruit
This is the "milk" from the yuca fruit. It's like bubble gum.

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