Monday, March 16, 2015

Week 60 (66) "I Don't Want to Come Home" March 16, 2015

It's been pretty cold lately! Here they say, "Febrero loco y Marzo otro poco" because the weather is pretty bipolar right now. One week of blazing heat and another of freezing cold!

Remember the two ladies that showed up to church all by themselves 2 weeks ago? Well, we finally got to start teaching them this week! Last week the daughter was really sick..but instead of just sitting around, she watched church videos (let me remind you that she has never spoken to the missionaries). While we were getting to know her she basically was teaching us. I was sitting there in awe. She talked about having met a man at her mom's work who was Mormon and how she had overheard him mention something about his beliefs that caught her attention. But, what inspired her most was that one day he bore his testimony to her mom. She said that from that moment on, she began to notice something different about him. His work ethic, his lifestyle, the unity in his family, etc. She said that that was exactly what she hoped for in her life. She said that she hoped to one day be able to bear a sincere testimony that God lived. This girl is awesome. It amazes me when we find people who are so incredibly prepared.

Wednesday we found a less active family that I hadn't met yet. They make confetti eggs for a living. Confetti eggs are very traditional here in Mexico and popular for just about every holiday. First, they receive thousand and thousands of fresh eggs. They crack a hole in the top of each and dump the yolks and whites into buckets which they later sell to local bakeries. They then soak the hollow egg shells in bleach to kill all bacteria and get rid of the egg smell. After drying the eggs they dye them and then fill each egg, by hand, with confetti. Then each egg gets topped with a small piece of tissue paper (glued on using a mixture of flour and water) to cover the hole and keep the confetti from coming out. Everyday they send thousands of boxes of these eggs to both the US and other parts of Mexico. We got to help a little and it was actually a lot of fun. Tedious...but fun!

Also one of the converts here invited us over to help him make a few piñatas. That's what he does for a living; he makes hundreds of piñatas each month and sells them. It was a last! He taught us form step one how to make a traditional Mexican piñata. So, that means when I get home, I'm teaching ya'll how it's done! And my new birthday and Christmas tradition will be making and breaking piñatas!

Sunday! Miracle day! Edith and her daughter Edith (the two ladies that showed up to church 2 weeks ago) came to church! We have a few more investigators we're teaching that came was awesome! And Sunday, our investigator Ana Rosa met with President Stutznegger for a baptismal interview and passed with flying colors. Ana Rosa is amazing and has such a strong testimony. It's amazing to see that even through the hardest of trials she continues strong.
At 6:00 that night she got baptism. And what a spiritual baptism it turned out to be. There is literally nothing that compares to being a first hand witness day by day to the changes in the lives of those that we teach. Ana couldn't have been happier. And, when an investigator bears their testimony after having just been baptized, it makes you want to scream with joy! The mission is amazing! I hate to break it to you mom...but I don't think I want to come home!!!


I made this piñata!
This week's culinary adventures:
Dried Fish....Yum! (She really said, "Yuck")

Chicharron (super gross fried pig skin)

Fruit called Chico Zapoto

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