Monday, April 6, 2015

Week 68 A Tender Mercy March 30, 2015

Ward Relief Society Birthday Celebration
It rained all week this week! Sometimes it's not worth your time and effort to try and stay dry. People give us a lot of weird looks because we walk through the rain as if it was a perfectly sunny spring day.

Overall we had a pretty successful week. Our investigators are really seeming to progress well. Edith and Edith Jr. are especially progressing and their testimonies are growing more each and every day.

We were teaching a lesson in the church Friday when we noticed a man at the front gate trying to get our attention. I got up to go see who it was and what he needed. Guess who it turned out to be? I couldn't believe it! It was my convert David Rojas from my first few months in the mission! He said, "I knew it was you Hermana Ingram!" I haven't seen him in over a year! I got talking to him and his life has gotten so much better. He no longer lives in an abandoned car on the street...he got a new job and was able to rent a room. He makes enough money now in his new job to eat too! I was SO happy to see that man!
Making ice-cream with Hermano Santacruz. This is how he earns his living.

I forgot to mention this a few weeks ago: After teaching one of the zones during zone conferences we headed back to our apartment with the President and his wife to grab some things we'd be needing to spend the night at their house. They drove us there and Hna. Stutznegger got out with us; she needed to use the bathroom and didn't think she would make it to the mission offices. We grabbed our stuff and headed back to the car to wait for her. She came back down and surprised said, "Keith (president)! These girls don't have a toilet seat on their toilet! We need to buy them one quick!" I laughed because it had never actually occurred to me that we didn't have a toilet seat (most don't here). So, Hermana Stutznegger, thanks for helping me realize just how long I've been here in Mexico City! And, sure enough, the President had us a toilet seat the next day!
Isn't this beautiful?
Saturday we headed to a ward activity at the church with our investigators. The RS sisters danced 4 traditional Mexican dances in beautiful traditional dresses. I wish America had a little more culture!!! Afterwards each ward organization had set up a stand explaining what each did. They did a really great job with the whole thing and our investigators loved it. favorite!

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