Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Week 74 May 11, 2015

I bet your family didn't bring the pet goat to your Mother's Day Skype session! (my family is crazy!!!;))
On Monday we went to a market place called Ciudadela with President and Sister Stutznegger. They sell Mexican clothes etc. there and with only 4 weeks left in the mission, I need to find something to take home to my family. We always have fun with the president. I love them so much and am really going to miss them. But...my family plans to come back and visit in September. I can't wait for them to meet the people that I love.
I'm really going to miss these people!!
Tuesday we were able to find a new investigator (after having walked for 3 hours straight in the hot sun...it was worth it). Her name is Bertha and she has two kids; a 7 year old daughter and a 2 year old son who is deaf. She's married but has been struggling from day 1. I'm really excited to teach her! She showed up to church this week too which is always promising!

After lunch on Tuesday we took the metro to the President's house to spend the night. Wednesday morning we had a meeting with the President, his wife, and the assistants to create a training plan for the next year. That means that we planned what would be taught for every district meeting, zone meeting, leadership meeting, and zone conference for the next year. It's wierd planning for something when you're not even going to be there for but in that time I sure did learn a lot about receiving revelation. We only finished about 6 months worth of our plan before calling it a day and heading back to our area to work. We will be going back again this week to finish the rest of our planning. I love being able to stay at the Presidents house. It is so clean and comfortable and the spirit there is awesome.
Israel, Rosa, and Victor. (The two that need to get divorced before they can get married so they can get baptized) They are AMAZING!
Thursday morning we started divisions with the Hermanas Ortiz (one of the newer sisters) and Valdivia (going home with me). I went to Oriental in the Distrito Federal with Hermana Ortiz and was able to learn a lot. She's from Aguas Calientes, Mexico and will end up being a great missionary!

We recently began teaching a guy named Alejandro who was an old investigator of the Elders who just go taken out of the area. He had come to church several times (8) but wasn't at all interested in getting baptized. The first time we taught him he didn't even believe in the Book of Mormon let alone the Bible...Hermana Taylor and I knew that it was going to take a lot of hard work and a lot of prayers to help him. So with lots of faith we decided that in our second lesson with him we were going to set a baptismal date (he had never accepted one before)...and so that's what we did. When we set it he once again expressed that he wasn't ready and that he'd let us know when he was. Taylor and I were too stubborn to accept that answer! So, right then and there we told him that we were going to kneal down with him and that he was going to ask God if his date was right and if that's what God wanted him to do. So, we knelt down and he began praying...I've never heard a more sincere prayer in my life. I was praying my heart out the whole time! In his prayer he specifically asked God if his baptismal date was right for him and if he was ready to take that step. After he finished, we waited there for a good 3 minutes. He sat up, sat down in his chair, and said, "Never in my life have I felt so much happiness and peace as I am feeling right now...I think that's my answer!" (Galatas 5:22) (Galatians) Alejandro is finally preparing for baptism!

Isn't that amazing? We can ask God specific and direct questions and He promises us that He will answer. Don't forget that that's the same God that moves mountains, that created the earth, that created all mankind; that same God takes the time to hear and answer our prayers. Why wouldn't we talk to him every morning and night???
Mother's Day Skype!
Photo Bomb (We got to meet Hermana Taylor....so fun!)

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