Monday, April 14, 2014

Week 13 Boda on the Street!.....April 14, 2014

Hola de Nezahualcoyotl!!!
Boda on the Street
I witnessed my first boda here in Mexico!!! Hermana Benson went over to her investigator's house early Friday morning to get her ready and we all took a cab to the "courthouse". When we got there, we were welcomed into a little gray, cinder-block building by a man in a suit and tie. We then had to fill out a mountain of paperwork. (The majority of the people here aren't actually married because it costs a lot and requires a lot of work...and because the cost of divorce is also really expensive) In order for them to be married they needed 2 male witnesses and 2 female witnesses with Mexican IDs, and considering they didn't have any friends or family present we began our search for people who could help us out. After about 30 minutes of asking complete strangers for help, we found the 4 witnesses: a taxi driver, a drunk man, a lady selling bread, and a mom with her kids. Perfect right?? The little man in the suit then rearranged a few of the desks inside the cinder-block building and began the 2 minute ceremony. Dad...don't get any ideas...;) They married, and the drunk man led us in a big round of applause.

Saturday, the Hermanas had a baptism and baptized a 75 year old man who can barely walk. When we took pictures, he insisted that we get a picture of him and the "rubia alta". Yes...even the 80 year olds like to flirt with me...ugh... Afterwards, he invited my companion and me, the other Hermanas, and the two Elders that baptized him to his house for some food. While we waited for the food, I noticed a boxing bag hanging outside. Knowing that Elder Ramos was a boxer before his mission, I pointed it out to him and he spent the next half hour teaching me how to box. Got to be street smart as a sister missionary in Mexico City right??? After we ate, the old man stood up, walked to the front of the room, and stood there with his back turned to us. A few minutes later, he spun around, and, with a microphone in his hand, began to sing Mexican ballads to me....definitely a first...but HILARIOUS!

Learning to defend myself (Para Box Y Karate)
Yesterday we got to make cookies! Saturday we went on a wild search for the ingredients (not the same as the ingredients in the U.S. but they would do). We went to one of the member's houses and with a 50 year old oven, a bowl, a spoon, and a drinking glass for a measuring cup I began to make cookies. While they baked, they insisted that I played the guitar for them so, we formed a circle and Hermana Benson and I sang for them...what a blast! All that was missing was a tent and a camp fire! The cookies were NOTHING like what they are at home...but they were a hit!
Chocolate Chip Cookies....Nothing like my mom's
Last night my zone leaders called and told me that I have "cambios con mallets" (changes with bags) which means that I'm moving areas and companions. Out of the 4 hermanas in my district, I am the only one that is moving. There aren't any new Hermanas coming so I won't be training anyone (There aren't enough areas to put Hermanas in since the majority of the areas are too dangerous) So, this is officially my last day in this area....I'm a little sad about it because I won't be able to say adios to any of the people here..but I'm excited to see what my next area and companion will be like. Tomorrow are the changes and I won't know where I'm going to be changed to until the president announces it over the pulpit...wish me luck!!!

My going away pancake party

That's all for this week... Pero gracias por toda! Les extraño más que puedan imagen! Hasta la proxima semana! Les quiero!

Hermana Ingram


Me and Hermana Benson one last time
I didn't take this my dreams! But last night there was a GIANT thunderstorm and I went and watched it from the roof... taking a picture was impossible..but this is legit what it looked was CRAZY!!! And it included hail the size of quarters...OUCH!!!

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