Monday, April 28, 2014

Week 15 Futbol Anyone? April 28, 2014

Hermana Ingram and Hermana Mendoza
This week has been a pretty normal week... Now that I´m serving in this district my weekly crazy stories have gone down...BUT we are working really hard!
Last Monday was a blast! At 9:00 AM we headed out to go play fútbol!!! Of course...Hermana Ingram was picked last (I was the only girl playing that day) and the Elders were pretty disappointed that I was on their team...but I was secretly excited because none of them knew what was coming...yes, yes..."Barbie" knows how to play soccer. There were 3 teams and my team sat out first. Then it was our turn...we took the field and when we started, the Elders' faces said it all: Uh oh... In the 2 hours that we were playing, my team didn't lose once. The Elders on my team were happy, but I can't say the same for the others...they were frustrated and I was loving every second of it jaja. What started as a fun, noncompetitive scrimmage quickly turned into a "I can't let my pride get kicked to the dirt" competitive war. The best part was, lining the fences was my fan club which consisted of about 30 drunk Mexican creepy men. When I scored, you would have thought Mexico had just scored the winning goal in the world was hilarious. I got invited by some of the Mexican men to play in a league...not happening..but I got a kick out of it. Let's just hope I get invited back to play ;) Basketball afterwards? Even better! ;)
My legs after Futbol on the dirty turf
I gave a talk this Sunday with a days notice... I winged it for a good 15 minutes. Afterwards people came up to me asking me if I was sad I was leaving for the United States the next transfer... You mean in 14 months? All the language studying is definitely paying off. When we contact in the streets people think I'm from Guadalajara or Chihuahua. One guy even asked me why I would leave my home in Brazil to come to I look Latina to you?! I love Spanish!!! On the downside...I´m forgetting how to speak English...
At Church with the Primary Kids (Little kids love Hailey.....she calls herself a baby magnet)
Things are slowly progressing here. When I got here my comp. only had 2 investigators. In the two weeks I've been here we have 7 more. The tricky part is getting them to come to church...but with hard work I know that they'll progress. We've also been looking for a different house to rent but we haven't had any luck yet...the bed bugs are making a meal out of me...hopefully we find one this week.
That´s about it for this week! Gracias por sus pensamientos y oraciones! Les extraño muchísimo!

¡Hasta luego!

Hermana Ingram
This is what hard work looks like
Mexican Corn on the Cob
On the pitch

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