Monday, June 30, 2014

Week 24 World Cup y mas June 30, 2014

Familia Lopez
Just another week in...La Ciudad de México!

What a LOOOOONNNNGGG week! The only thing we've been doing is buscando, buscando, and some more buscando. But we found 4 new investigators out of all of that searching so I guess you could say it was worth it!

We've been contacting like CRAZY! We are supposed to contact 15 per day but some days we end up with 20 or more. Contacting is definitely a test of your faith because out of the 80 or so people we talk to in a week, only about 35 end up even accepting an appointment, and maybe 3 end up progressing. Reasons: people give us fake addresses, say they don't have time for us, men just wanting to flirt with 2 white americans...I could go on and on. BUT...this week 2 of our new investigators came from contacts.

Belen: She lives on one of the "peligrosa" streets (one of our most dangerous streets in the area that we avoid walking down past 7:00PM). We were walking home one night when I got the feeling that we should knock some of the doors. One door in particular really stood out and I remember a younger girl answering the door wearing a long sleeved shirt. I remember noticing that her hands were covered in tattoos and her face with piercings and thinking, "I want to help this girl out." She told us that she didn't have time for us but that we could come back "otro día". It was the same old other day excuse that we hear all too often but I had a feeling that we needed to be really persistent with her. We returned day after day after day...and...nothing. It wasn't until this week that she finally agreed to come with us to the church for a lesson where she accepted a baptismal invitation and a date (we invite people to be baptized in the first lesson and set a date [3 to 5 weeks later] in the second). I knew there was a reason we weren't supposed to give up on her!

Sunday was SO stressful! Let me rephrase...Sundays are ALWAYS stressful! But...we knew this one would be worse...because we knew the World Cup game would start exactly when church services would start...which would mean that attendance would take a nose dive. We checked Saturday night that all of our investigators would be at church the next day. Sunday came, not only did our investigators not show up, the whole ward didn't even show up! So...we left after sacrament meeting in search for a miracle. We couldn't find our investigators so...I decided to knock on an old contact's door and see if he would come to church with us in the spur of the moment. And...he came!! And after church he accepted a baptismal date too!

World Cup here in Mexico is like the Super Bowl game in the United States x 1,000,000! You don't even have to be watching the game to know who's winning and what the score is because when Mexico scores you can literally hear a roar of cheers coming from all of Mexico cheering at the same time and a series of fire works. It's insane! And when they win...boy do they celebrate! EVERYONE (men, women, and children) leave their homes and they all gather and party for the rest of the night. When they lose...well that's another story...the entire country of Mexico is grumpy! And they all get DRUNK DRUNK DRUNK...probably to drown out their sorrows or something. It was a blast contacting Sunday night...we had a few drunk grown men cry to us about the game...they insisted we give them a message from God to help them out...hilarious! haha

Rogilio: Rogilio actually contacted us. Normally any man that contacts us does it for the same reason: to flirt. But he asked us if we were "mensajeras de Dios" and told us he wanted to hear our message. He couldn't meet with us until the next week so we set an appointment and went on our way. He's the man we passed for on Sunday who came to church with us last minute.

The Lopez family just keep getting better and better! We got permission to go to the temple with them on Saturday and it only strengthened their desire to be baptized. (The main reason they wanted to go was to buy a hymn book and scriptures) We got to take a tour of the visitors center and the whole family was crying by the end of it...they are golden!
It's when I find people like them that I realize that maybe there really is a reason I'm on a mission! They're like my little Mexican family!

But that's all for this week! I love you all to the moon and back! Keep up the good work!


Hermana Ingram

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