Monday, September 1, 2014

Week 32 September 1, 2014

Me and Bob Marley....
What a LONG week!

Not a lot has happened this week... just the same day to day missionary activities: walking and preaching! It has been a pretty tough week though... things just didn’t seem to go our way. The worst part was that one of our investigators that was progressing really well texted us Saturday night saying that she didn’t want to be baptized in our church and that she was fine in the Catholic church. Opening that text message was like one big blow to the gut! Backing out with a text is like breaking up with a boyfriend via text…..LAME! just have to make the best of things…even when they don’t go the way you’d like. When you keep pushing forward with a positive attitude, things always turn out in the end.

Update: The Aylaya family is awesome!!! The family members who didn’t get baptized are progressing so fast it’s insane! (except for a couple who are very set in their Catholic ways)

Thanks for the package mom!
I was walking through the Tianguis the other day feeling down when I noticed a lady selling Habanero chile peppers....and I got the best idea ever... I bought 4 GIANT habanero chile peppers and took them back to my apartment. Later...we had a throw down with the other two Elders in our area. A habeñero chile eating contest. WE DIED!!! When you start eating it, it tastes like a normal bell pepper....about 5 minutes later...death hits. All four of us were dying, crying and sweating buckets. But, being the competitive me...I finished every last bite of that habenero pepper! What started as a good idea ended in tears...but it was worth it!

Mildred (the 9 year old girl we have been teaching) finally got baptized! Her uncle got things figured out and was able to baptize her...he was SO excited. It was pretty cute to see him walk up to the Elders and ask them to show him how to baptize...and it was especially funny to see him practicing on Elder Hunsaker (a 6’3” American). The primary decorated, bought a cake, and prepared a musical was a really awesome baptism.

Yesterday we were walking through the Tianguis when the ice cream man stopped us and gave us a GIGANTIC cup of ice cream...for FREE! The Elders in my zone hate me because people always give me free stuff. I guess that’s what I get for being a white girl in Mexico City :)
My mom thinks I'm obese
(to be fair...I sent her some new skirts and this was the only one left. It has a draw string and was one sale....I couldn't pass it up)
Funny story: The other day we were eating lunch at a member’s house with the Elders. We walked in and greeted everyone. One of the members asked Elder Garrett (the new elder that doesn’t know how to speak Spanish quite yet) how he was doing and he replied, “Estoy muy muy bueno!” with about as much enthusiasm as you can imagine. What he didn’t know is that when the member asked him how he was he replied, “I’m SUPER HOT!” It was hilarious. Everyone busted up laughing so hard.

That’s about it for this week! I love you all to the moon and back! Until next week!

Hermana Ingram

Photo explanations...

Every Sunday after church we see the same mangy dog in the street... We call it Bob (because it has dreads like Bob Marley). I’ve always wanted a picture with it but haven’t been able to get one because there have always been people in the street. But this week I finally got the picture! Cutest dog ever right?? (photo at the top of the post)

There is a truck that roams the streets selling chicken feet...the people here LOVE eating chicken feet! I flagged the truck down and bought 7 GIANT chicken feet. Did I buy them to eat them?? NO!! I just bought them for the picture nada más! haha I also bought some flour tortillas from a lady pushing a cart in the street. And they were delicious! (Buying food in the street always comes with the risk of getting deathly sick...but I’m only going to live in Mexico once! It’s worth the risk!


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