Monday, September 29, 2014

Week 36 September 29, 2014

First things first....HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! I woke up a little sad not being able to celebrate with my mom on her birthday. I miss that lady like crazy and I was wishing I was able to call her and tell her. I yelled it from the streets of Mexico...I hope you heard my birthday shout mom ;) I just want to let the whole world know that I have an AWESOME mom. And I hate to break it to ya'll... but she's the best one out there...sorry. She has always been there for me through the highs and lows. YOU ROCK MOM! Never ever ever ever forget that I love you. I love you to pluto and back mom. Thanks for everything you do for have no idea how much you mean to me. I love you soooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!! And don't 8 months I'll give you the biggest birthday hug ever!!
Some little girls playing dress-up and having a tea party. I thought it was so cute.
Early Monday morning we woke up and went and played basketball with the Elders in our ward. They had been talking about it all they were going to kick my trash. They bet me Coke that they would win. Trash talk all you want! I might've egged it on a bit but you know what I think? The more they trash talk the more it hurts when Hermana Ingram beats them. So, I grabbed my basketball, soccer ball, and tennis ball and met them at the church to play. Let's just say that the trash talk paid hurt extra bad when they lost. All in all it was a ton of fun and I left 2 Cokes richer.

Tuesday we started teaching another member of the Ayala family; Alejandra and she seems to be progressing really well. I know for sure that some day that whole family will get baptized. We went with the Mariscal Family (the family we baptized last Sunday) and apparently their 2 little girls play "Ingram and Bennett" or in other words they pretend to be us. They repeatedly say "Ummm" and "Wow!" and try to imitate our American accents. They don't do it around us but when we leave they act like us all day. Perla (the mom) told us that they sit down at night with the Book of Mormon and pretend to teach lessons (with accents). It's super cute. But...I think I need to stop saying "Umm" and "Wow" so much...
Coconut ice cream that they make in the estado de puebla
Wednesday I started my day off talking to the ward 'bruja' (witch)...not a good way for me to start off the day. Apparently she is practicing other philosophies right now which include white magic and who knows what else. She asked me if I would like to become a latter day prophet like her...I replied, "Nope!" The things that witches say sometimes...;)
View from one of the roof tops
We got to watch the women's conference Saturday broadcast at the church! It's amazing how much my attitude has changed...before my mission watching conference was something I HAD to it's something I GET to do. It's a HUGE blessing! How often do we get to see a prophet of God and his apostles speak?! I remember walking to the church that night thinking, "Wow...these people in the streets don't know what they are missing! An apostle of God on the Earth today is about to talk to us and they have no idea!" It was even crazier to think that my mom was there at the women's conference. I'm sure everyone was wondering why I was staring at the screen so intensely...I wanted to see my mom! Unfortunately I didn't see her...but it was worth the try and I felt her presence! Note: Don't take even the smallest things for granted! We are BLESSED!

Anyways...I love you all! Thanks for everything you do for me! I can feel your thoughts and prayers! Also, don't forget to watch conference! Love you all!


Hermana Ingram
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