Monday, October 6, 2014

Week 37 Central October 6, 2014

So...about that sneak peek I left last week............. We got to go to central! It was AMAZING! After our zone meeting last Monday, the Lopez family came by and picked us up in their car and we made the drive downtown. Omar (the dad) had to work so he dropped us off with Patricia and she gave us the tour. First we headed to a building called "casa de los azulejos" or "house of tiles". The entire building was covered in little hand-painted tiles. We went inside and ate in a restaurant called Sandborns and I ordered waffles...I haven't had a waffle in over 9 months! We sat right by a balcony that we could walk out on...super awesome.

We finished and headed to the "Palacio de Bellas Artes, a SUPER pretty building; white pillars, statues, there's an opera house inside (it wasn't open...almost everything is closed on Mondays in Mexico). I felt like I was in Europe or something. We went to the correos too which is a GIANT post office where we bought some old Mexican stamps.

The streets in central are all made of stone too which makes it that much prettier. From there we headed to the main part of central where they fly a huge Mexican flag. In front there is also a big Catholic church that we got to enter and they were having a big mass service. Choirs were singing to organ music and there was a priest dressed in white robes preaching to the people. The catholic churches here are CRAZY!

They are filled with GIANT crucified Jesus statues and everything is real gold....the history behind it all is actually pretty interesting...When the Spaniards came and conquered Mexico they brought with them their religious culture which was 100% Catholic. They went to every major city in Mexico, destroyed the pyramids, and built giant Catholic cathedrals on top of them. So..just about every big Catholic church here is built on the remains of an ancient pyramid... Anyway...if you ever get the chance to go to Mexico City...go to's AWESOME!

Tuesday we had changes! Hermana Bennett is out of here. As for me? I'm staying here in my area and I'm now comps with Hermana Lopez. Despite the name she's from Alpine Utah (her dad is from Puerto Rico) and went to American Fork High. A lot of people say she looks like Marideth from the Disney movie Brave because she has long curly red hair. She's a blast. She's SUPER outgoing and SUPER crazy and I love it! The secret will be finding the balance between our craziness and our seriousness and we will be set.

Wednesday morning I woke up and my voice was completely gone! I couldn't say a single word. Do you know how frustrating it is to be a missionary and not be able to talk??!! I use my voice to save souls for crying out loud! ;) I couldn't teach, I couldn't contact, I was practically a bump on a log! It was really frustrating but my comp. helped me out a lot (she did EVERYTHING). I thought it would last that day and that I would wake up the next morning good as new..but NOPE! My voice was gone for a solid 3 worked up the nerve to call the doctor. Apparently I had a really bad infection in my throat...and he gave me antibiotics to get rid of it. Right now I sound like Rachel Ray...hoping my voice gets better soon.

General Conference October 2014! There is literally nothing better...especially as a missionary...its like spiritual vacation!! My 2nd to last conference while on the mission...I better live it up! Not going to lie though...I miss watching it in my pajamas while snacking on a big delicious homemade cinnamon roll. Although, I did make sure to buy some Mexican treats to get me through. It's amazing how much I've grown to love General Conference. I especially loved Christofferson's and Uchdorf's talks...

Random: Our house is full of Brown Recluse's scary...just hoping we don't get bit! We've also gotten a bunch of free stuff this week...mostly from creepy drunk guys on the streets... Also my comp. picks up aloe plants from off the street, cuts them open, and rubs the aloe all over her face at night... I thought she was crazy but she told me that it really actually helps your skin. So...reluctantly...I tried it out...and it works!

We had a baptism on Sunday! Her name is Leticia and she's awesome. She has probably one of the strongest testimonies of all of my converts. When we teach her she makes me cry...I love that lady. She was so excited to be was an awesome baptism! The people here are inspiring!

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