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Week 41 Opportunities to Serve November 3, 2014

This girl LOVES her per chicken
¡Buenas tardes! Espero que todos ustedes han tenido una semana genial!!

Last Monday ended up being a pretty normal day: grocery shopping, writing, cleaning, etc. After our district meeting we headed back home and decided to go try out a small cake shop that we had noticed near our house. We got to the window and asked the lady how much a slice of cake would cost. She turned around, cut 2 pieces and said, "Nothing. You are two servants of God and that is the most beautiful thing you can do on earth." She then handed us each a slice of cake and wished us a good night. I literally wanted to cry...she was so sincere and so kind. It's amazing how even the smallest acts of kindness can change your day around!

Tuesday morning we met with a member family in our ward (The Dominguez family) to help her make little foam spiders for the cancer patients of a local hospital. She was taking them on Friday and had to make a few hundred so we offered to help. Unfortunately we weren't able to get permission to go with her to deliver them to the hospital but I'm hoping they loved them.

We also taught our investigator Gerardo on Tuesday and it ended up being pretty disappointing...he came out and told us that his family didn't want anything to do with the church and that he wasn't going to be able to get baptized because of his family. Satan works so hard on the people who are so ready to join the church! But...there was hope. I wasn't about to accept it and decided we were going to study and pray our hearts out to help that man. We put an appointment for the next day and continued to work.

Wednesday we went to lunch and ate longaniza and nopales. Longaniza is a sort or red Mexican sausage that they sell by the foot. Nopales are cacti and when you cook them a sort of slime comes out and covers them. So, when you lift a piece up, it comes up with a long string of slime too...delicious right!? I can't wait to eat American food!!! Afterwards we went with our investigator named Irma and taught her about the plan of salvation and talked a little more about the importance of marriage. We told her we could do it any day of the week and she replied, "Well...I'm willing to do whatever it takes to be about I get married tomorrow?" Let me remind you all that she hadn't even been to church yet! ​We set a date for this upcoming Saturday so that should be fun.

Next we went with Gerardo...the big day. We taught him about the first and great commandment (Matthew 22) and how the commandment to love God comes before the commandment to love others. He had to decide who he was going to put first, God or others. First we have to do our part for God, and then we do our part for those around us. We also shared an awesome scripture in Matthew 10 that talks about our families sometimes putting obstacles in our paths and that we can't love our mom, dad, daughter, son, etc., more than God. That scripture was rough...but it hit him to the core. He told us he was going to go home and pray and ask God.
Offering at rosa´s work (my skull that i painted is the red on on the very top center) The "rug" on the ground is actually made of saw dust
Wednesday everyone was beginning to prepare for Día de Los Muertos. Every family and every business puts out an offering to the dead. They all set out tables full of food, glasses of water, flowers, candles, treats, skulls/skeletons, etc. as an offering to their ancestors that have died. They leave out food and water because they believe that the spirits come and eat and drink of the food they leave out. For example, the other day we were teaching some contacts we had found (they had a ginormous offering in their kitchen) and when the clock struck 8:00PM they paused and said, "They're here." Um...who's here?? When I asked him who he was referring to he replied, "The spirits. They're eating. Can't you sense them." He wasn't kidding either.

My comp and I made a small 2 minute family is living but I thought maybe your spirits could come and eat at 8:00...;)
Viernes...Happy Halloween everyone! It definitely didn't feel like Halloween at all...but it's pretty awesome being in a foreign country for holidays. The tianguis (outdoor moving market) was SO busy today because everyone was doing last minute day of the dead shopping. It was really awesome though because it was filled with thousands and thousands of candles and flowers to celebrate. I wish I could've gotten a picture...

Saturday...Happy Día de Los Muertos!! We taught Gerardo today...and....drum roll please.....he received an answer and once again is gung ho for his baptism next week. Miracles exist everyone!! We shared Matthew 14 where Peter walks on was perfect for him. When we have faith and don't let fear sneak in we can see miracles..but it's when we take our eye off of the Lord that the miracles stop coming and we begin to sink like Peter. We also went to another investigator's (the one who's foot got ran over) house and washed every single one of her windows with a luffa (shower scrub). It didn't do the trick so I went to the market and bought a razor blade and a good towel...that did the trick. We've been searching for opportunities to serve and they've been popping up out of the's awesome!

It was a cool day because it was the day that all of the kids dressed up and went trick or treating. They don't knock doors here (it's WAY too dangerous) but they go around to all of the businesses and shops. It definitely felt more like Halloween. Also they lit the candles of the offerings Saturday. But only for children who have died...Sunday is when they lit the candles for the adults.

We had a bunch of investigators come to church yesterday. Susana (broken foot) came to church. Gerardo came with the Lopez family, and we passed for Irma. Gerardo is golden. Irma LOVED sacrament meeting. Susana stayed and we were able to give her a blessing with help from the bishopric. Yesterday was also one of the most spiritual testimony meetings I've had on my mission. In our ward, there is lady who is deaf, mute, and who doesn't know how to read or write. She has gone through the temple and everything and comes to church every week. It's really very inspiring because when she comes to church every week, she doesn't understand anything that's going on but her testimony is extremely strong. The ward has been looking for someone who knows how to sign for the 6 months I've been here and today was the first time she has had a translator. He stood up on the stand and signed as people bore their testimonies. She too got up for the first time ever and signed her testimony while the translator said what she was saying. The spirit was super strong and absolutely undeniable. I wanted to cry. It was so inspirational that someone with that kind of disability had a testimony that strong...we can all learn from her example. The whole day ended up being great...a day full of little miracles.

I had a big realization this week. I've been thinking a lot about our potential not just as missionaries but as normal people too. We are living so far beneath our potentials! We have the potential to do great things! But we just aren't living up to it! Why do people settle for mediocre when they could have great!? We only have one chance to live so why not take full advantage of it? Just something to think about...

Today we went on a small adventure...but I'll tell ya'll all about it next week:)

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