Monday, November 24, 2014

Week 44 November 24, 2014

So guess what I picked up on Tuesday??!! A flute!!! I'm pretty excited about it...and the ward already wants me to do a musical number for I guess I'll do it ;)

Thursday we woke up early and headed over to the stake center. Elder Pieper (of the 70) came to tour the mission and we combined our zone with another to hear from him. He talked a lot about the priesthood, about how we can better prepare our converts to live with God one day. It doesn't end with baptism! Afterwards we were fed and I was chosen along with 9 other missionaries to meet with him. I was pretty excited. He basically asked me my reasoning behind serving a mission, what I liked most about being here, etc. He then told me to tell my parents "thank you" for letting me be here in the middle of Mexico City. So, mom and dad, Elder Pieper says, "Thank you!" Thanks for letting me be here and for raising me the way you did! If it weren't for you two, there's no way I would be here having the experience of a life time!
The squirrels have no fear
We finished the day by teaching some of our investigators. Remember Laura? The daughter of Ernesto and Maria Ayala (convert family)? Well, she's 7 months pregnant, has two daughters under the age of 8, and her husband just got put in jail for 5 years. A long time ago she told us she wanted nothing to do with us or the church...but right now she's an absolute wreck. We walked in, sat down with her, and she completely broke down in tears telling us that she couldn't do it anymore...that she'd rather take her life and just end the suffering. You know what's amazing? We, as representatives of Jesus Christ, are able to promise that by following Christ and doing our part, we can find an unimaginable happiness. And that's exactly what we did. We promised her those blessings. Now we're hoping and praying that this time she progresses!
Our investigator's son...He plays in a hard core rock band
Friday we spent most of the day preparing everything for Karime's baptism. We quickly taught a few investigators and headed to a member's house to help her make a cake. As we were making, or should I say,"decorating" the pre-made cake, she asked us if we had ever made a cake before. We replied "yes" and added that we usually made them from scratch and baked them in the oven. She stopped what she was doing, turned to us and said, "No. No. No. Girls, we live in modern times now. Technology allows us to be able to buy cakes that are already made. There is no need to waste our time making them ourselves." (in a "were you born in the cave man times" sort of tone) I thought it was pretty funny.
Karime's Baptism
We went to the church and started setting up for the baptism. While the font was filling up, we ran to the market and picked up some fresh flowers and a vase for the table display. I'm sure going to miss the convenience of this city! It ended up being a great baptism and Karime and her dad, Gerardo, were super happy.

Sunday every one of our investigators game to church and Irma, Ramón, and Karime all got confirmed! The ward was so happy! I seriously love this area and these people! The mission is great!

That's about it for this week. Thanks for all of your thoughts and prayers! Love you all to the moon and back!

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