Monday, December 22, 2014

Week 48 Feliz Navidad! December 22, 2014

Merry Christmas from Ingram and Lopez (in their hand embroidered muumuus)

Tuesday Hermana Lopez and I headed to changes. Hna Lopez actually ended up with Hermana Bennett (my last companion) and I ended up with Hermana Santos. My new companion is super sweet. She's 22 and she's from Tamaulipas Mexico. She talks in the tiniest little voice...she doesn´t have a mean bone in her. She already graduated from college in communications. Before the mission she worked as a sort of local newscaster for her town. I´m sure going to miss Hermana Lopez....we had a lot of success together but I'm ready for another successful cycle with Hermana Santos.
My new companion Hermana Santos
Wednesday and Thursday were pretty long days...we couldn't find anyone on their house...and the time seemed to drag. But you keep pushing through! Thursday in the afternoon NO ONE was home! We passed for everyone without any luck. After about 2 hours of searching I had thought to try and find a little 10-year-old boy that hadn't been baptized. They NEVER EVER let missionaries inside...NEVER! So, we had never been able to teach the kid. But, I felt like we should we started walking down his street and about 10 feet from the door he came out. Right in that exact moment! And, for the first time in almost a year, they let the missionaries in! I don´t think that that was coincidence! Long story short, we are now preparing him for baptism! Little miracles!
Hermana Luque played the piano for our duet
Friday was the "Cena NavideƱa" (Christmas Dinner) as a ward and it was an absolute blast. My comp. and I got there a little early to help prepare the food. (They were expecting somewhere around 250 people so we had to make a lot of food.) A TON of people came including almost all of our converts. It's the best thing in the world when converts get involved in the ward! We began with a few musical numbers and then it was my turn. Hermana Luque (from Argentina) and I had prepared a flute/piano duet... "What Child is This" and the ward loved it. It was a blast! I really feel at home with the ward here. I've seen this ward come so makes me so happy!!!
Always a treat when President Stutznegger comes to church
Sunday was a GREAT day! The president and his wife visited our ward and brought their son, daughter-in-law, and granddaughter. I was so happy to see them there. All of our investigators showed up and loved the church. The president's daughter-in-law had prepared a special musical number on the piano to Silent Night and it was amazing. NOBODY here in Mexico plays an instrument and they don't sing either. So..musical numbers don't exist, no one even knows what they are. To have her play was amazing and the spirit was super strong...they all loved it. After a few more speakers, President spoke and just about made everyone cry. It's a huge sacrifice as missionaries for us to be here and leave everything behind. But to me, it's an even bigger sacrifice for him and his wife to be here for 3 years. What a great example!
Bryan's baptism
After church Bryan got baptized and one of the best parts of it all was that my convert, Luis Lopez, was able to baptize him. He was SO so so excited to be able to baptize he could barely hold it in. Who knew he would come so far so fast! Bryan is a great little kid. He's 11 years old and works harder than I've seen any other kid work before. About 4 months ago, his mom broke her ankle which put her completely out of work. No work here means no food on the table...literally. So, Bryan, an 11 year-old boy, started to work to support his family and to put food on the table. An 11-year-old!! That would never pass in the states! But he's such a great example and works so hard to help his family. So now, he and his mom are members and are able to see the blessings as a family. What a miracle!!

Feliz Navidad!!
Hermana Ingram
Fun at changes

We helped build a house this week!

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