Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Week 50 Happy New Year! January 5, 2015

Sunrise over this concrete jungle...as good as it gets
Wednesday was New Year's Eve and we had to be inside our house at 6:00PM. Our neighbors once again had a huge party. Fortunately I've learned to sleep like a rock so that wasn't a problem. While all of Mexico was drinking and partying, as missionaries, we were drinking too...Coke of course!!
How we celebrated the New Year
At midnight I did get woken up by what sounded like the start of World War III; thousands of fireworks going off simultaneously. It was insane! I was also fortunate enough to once again be woken up to the sweet sound of drunk man karaoke. Oh! And I opened up my Christmas package to a stocking full of letters from family and friends. To be honest, it made me cry. It's amazing how much the mission has made me appreciate my family. That was the best Christmas present of them all!
This Christmas present got to Hailey on New Year's Day
Thursday. Happy New Year!!! Not that we could really celebrate or anything..we were stuck in the house all day for safety reasons. Can you believe it's already 2015! I left for my mission in 2013!! Where does the time go!? Here they have different New Years traditions: At midnight everyone eats 12 grapes which represent 12 goals for the 12 months of the new year. Also depending on the color of underwear you're wearing determines what you're in search of in the new year. Red = love. Yellow = money...etc. So, lately the streets have been filled with grapes and underwear!

Saturday we taught a lady we had contacted earlier in the week. She looked a little crazy and when we went into her house we realized that she was. She had about 100 cats running around everywhere and I'm sure you can imagine how it smelled. And even worse is that she fed them raw meat. There was raw meat everywhere; on the floor, furniture, outside and everything...literally everywhere! On the stove she had boiling a huge bucket of meat along with a few more pots filled to the top with more meat. (The cooked meat was for her "special diet" cats.) I've never seen anything like it before. She looked a little like the old lady with the apple from Snow White...luckily she didn't offer us any food! We quickly realized that she wasn't all the way there, ended with a prayer, and got out of there, dodging all cats...and raw meat of course.

We ended Saturday at the Family Ayala's house. When we got there Ernesto was eating a big bowl of meat with salsa verde. When we took a closer look we realized that it wasn't just any meat. He was eating Mexico's finest: Pig snout (hair included). He grabbed a tortilla and placed the snout inside. I couldn't let him eat that thing without a picture.
Pig snout tacos...Yum!
Sunday we were able to baptize a little boy named Omar. He comes from the family that hasn't accepted missionaries in years and through him we have been able to start teaching them again. The ward couldn't believe it...his entire family showed up. It was a small miracle!
Omar's Baptism
Afterwards we went with some converts of ours to the visitor's center at the temple. It was awesome! They still had the Christmas lights up and they thought it was the prettiest thing they had ever seen in their lives. (Wait until they see Temple Square!!)

It's amazing how that place seems to inspire people. The 8 of us squeezed into a taxi on the way home and about a few blocks before we got to the Stake Center, a car to the right of us tried to make a quick left turn, completely cutting us off, and there wasn't anything the taxi driver could do but hit him. So, I've officially gotten in a car accident in Mexico City. The other guy was a little drunk and anything but happy, claiming that it was the taxi's fault that the back of his car was completely bashed in. The taxi driver apologized, kicked us out, and we walked the rest of the way home. What an adventure!!

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