Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Week 6 Continued....Machetes and Coconuts

We finally had another activity! Monday, my companion and I and a few other companions took an hour long bus ride and met up with some of the other missionaries to go bowling. It was like I was in America! We all took it very seriously because there were drinks on the line...Let's just say that I went home with all the winnings for the day.. I hope that's allowed?;)
Segundo bautismo!! Saturday was David's baptism. At about 5:30PM we walked about a mile to where he lives, knocked on the door of his mini van (his house), and walked with him to the church for his baptism. He was pretty nervous but afterwards he was beaming. He bore his testimony and talked about all of the sacrifices he had made to be worthy to become a member of the church. He quit smoking and drinking cold turkey. I'm hoping that he can earn enough money to move out of his van and into a real home.
David is in his 50s and has 6 kids who are all extreme drug addicts....super sad. He and his wife are divorced.

One of our other investigators named Sofia is literally THE sweetest lady I have ever met. When we originally met her she wanted absolutely nothing to do with us. But once she started seeing the effect of the gospel in her life we have become super close with her. She lives with her son (her husband died about 20 years ago). When we went to her house for the first time we noticed that just about everything in her home was broken. She explained to us that her son comes home extremely drunk and aggressive every night. She started crying telling us that she didn't know what to do because this had been going on for years. We told her that we could kneel down and that she could ask God to help her son. When we returned a few days later, she was so happy: her son had come home that same night sober for the first time in years and told her that he had decided to quit drinking. Milagros!

Today we were invited to a member's house to learn how to cook. This family is by far my favorite family here in Mexico. We cooked beans, chicken, rice, pica (with Habanero peppers: I LOVE PICANTE), homemade tortillas, and fruit salad. I thought I knew what Mexican food was before my mission...but I didn't! And ya'll don't know what pica de gayo is until you've had it with habanero chile peppers! I'm going leave my clothes behind and come back with suitcases full of cooking utensils and we are all going to have a feast! Mexico style!!

Les quiero mucho!!! Gracias por toda!! Hasta luego!

Hermana Ingram
Before our activity on Monday. We had a "party" for Hermana Taylor's companion who had finished her mission

Herbie Blue!!! (you had to grow up in my familia)
How many Hermanas can you stuff in the back of a VW?

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