Monday, March 24, 2014

Week 9 Aventuras.... March 24, 2014

Hola from Mexico!!!

So the weeks just keep getting better and better!

I had my weekly "division" with Hermana Benson Wednesday. Just like good old times in the MTC! One thing is for sure...we sure know how to have a lot of fun. We taught one of our investigators named Isabel... Isabel is a 72 year old lady who isn't exactly all there up stairs if you know what I mean... She has a testimony of the gospel though so we continue to teach her. She was previously a member of the Pentecostal church and has a hard time changing the way she prays, reads scriptures, etc. (not going to's hilarious at times) After our lesson was over, Hermana Benson was giving the closing prayer and Isabel kept burping...and if that wasn't bad enough she let out the biggest 'pedo' I have ever gets worse...she stood up, raised her arms to the sky and said, "Padre Celestial! Perdoname!" Ya...there was no holding back that laugh. Hermana Benson quickly ended the prayer and we got out of there quick before things got worse...

Later, we had a 'visita guiada' with a family of investigators at the church. They showed up (dog included) and we set up chairs to teach them in the chapel. As we sat down, the mom said, "Y la otra silla?" I didn't understand why because each family member had a chair. But, I stood up and set up one more chair. She then whistled and their big St. Bernard dog came running in and sat it's little behind on the chair with the family just like he was a person. Who knew the dogs in Mexico were so spiritual?
Even the eggs are Catholic in Mexico
Wednesday we were teaching another investigator named Sofia in her little cinder block home when it started to rain worse than I have seen yet. Her house doesn't have doors so I could see outside. It was raining horizontally and the walls turned into waterfalls. The thunder was literally shaking her home and I could see flashes of lightning brighter than ever. As we were finishing the lesson the rain was coming down even harder. We knelt down on our knees and Sofia offered the closing prayer. All she prayed for was for the fain to stop so that the Hermanas could visit more people who needed the gospel. As she spoke, the rain kept on coming down. However, when she said the word "Amen", no joke, the rain absolutely stopped. My jaw was literally dropped to the floor because I could not believe it. She didn't even look surprised! If only we all had faith like Sofia!
Hermana Zambrano: I am learning a lot from her
Later that day we were teaching another family of investigators when a person in one of the doorways across the room started snapping her fingers, clapping her hands, and whistling saying, "Venga guera! Guera! Venga!" (Come here! White girl! White girl! Come on!) over and over again. In my mind I was thinking, "Whoa now...I might be a guera, but I'm not a dog!" After about the 10th call, the white dog sitting next to me got up and ran to her...yes yes...they named their white dog Guera...
Sofia's Baptism
Saturday we baptized Sofia! When we got to the chapel, Sofia was already there waiting for us. The first thing she did was give both of us hugs and completely broke down in tears. She then explained to us that her son had just come home very drunk, broke just about everything of hers, beat her, and threatened to kill her. I have never seen a face more sad than hers. I was mad...and wanted to go kick some Mexican butt... But what still come to her baptism after all that?
Mexican Cheetos
Love you all!!!

Hermana Ingram

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