Monday, July 21, 2014

Week 27 Viva France? July 21, 2014

The Nezahualcoyotl Zone (France)

What a week!

We had interviews this week with the new president and I can already tell that the mission is going to change for the better. I can't express enough how excited I am to have him as a mission president. I've been able to see how much my testimony has grown while being out on the's grown mountains! I know that when we do things the way the Lord wants, he's OBLIGATED to bless us. Sometimes it's hard...I mean how can waking up at EXACTLY at 6:30AM decide if I have success or not? As hard as it is sometimes...EXACT obedience counts! The president made us a promise that with hard work and exact obedience, we will start to baptize and have success like never before...I have no doubt that it's true...and I'm going to put it to the test.
A puzzle I made to teach kids about the iron rod and Lehi's dream
So a lot has been happening with Ivan and Luis (Lopez)...they were supposed to have their baptism a long time ago..but things just kept coming up. This week we got everything planned out for their baptism..and everything was all set and ready to go for Sunday. I was SO excited that they were finally going to get baptized! It was about time! Sunday came and as we were walking to church I got a message from their family....and I couldn't believe it. A relative of theirs had died THAT morning and they had left immediately to the funeral and wouldn't be back until the next day...I was devastated... What are the chances!!!??? But no worries...they'll be baptized this week :)
I got a little bored at lunch :)
We were able to find some new investigators this week which is always awesome. Last week we had contacted a lady in the street who accepted an appointment. The next day we went to her house to teach her and a lady walked in with a teenage girl asking if we could help them too. We ended up teaching the contact, her daughter, and the daughter of the daughter. The next day we visited them and 3 more relatives asked us if we could teach them. The next day 2 more...a miracle! It's an entire house of people ready to hear the gospel! And all from one contact!
People just don't seem to be accepting our contacts lately....It gets to the point where I want to explode! If one more person says, "Tengo prisa", "otro día", or "Leo mí Biblia, Gracias" help me! These people just don't know what they're missing! Saturday we visited the Lopez Family with the district leaders to do the interviews for their two sons. As we finished, one of the Elders made a comment about having to go and teach some of his investigators. Hermana Lopez commented, "Hey...take the Hermanas with you...and I promise you they'll get baptized!" She then went on about how the Hermanas teach with more power, patience, etc. I don't know how true that is but I'm not saying it's a lie ;) She then asked us a question: "If a complete stranger walked up to you in the street and offered you a bag full of gold, would you accept it?" We thought about it for a few minutes and replied that we would probably be a little nervous to accept'd think there would be other motives involved and we would probably walk away. She then continued by comparing the bag of gold to the message we bring to the people of Mexico. We talk to hundreds of people every week....and almost all of them don't accept us. They're walking away from something worth more than all of the gold in the entire world!!! But there is always someone that's willing to accept our "bag of gold"...and she was one of them.

Hermana Benson and me. And a poster I made for our zone for the soccer tournament.

The Nezahualcoyotl Zone in a micro (small bus)

Sports! I miss sports!!!!!! Today we got to play soccer as a mission. Each zone was given a country (we were France) and we got jerseys, socks, and shorts. I was able to get #10! Just like the good old days! (I had to fight for that number!) It felt so good to get out on the field and play! None of the Elders in my zone knew that I had played soccer before and were super reluctant to put any of the sisters in...15 minutes had passed in the game and I just couldn't stand it any I asked to be put could tell by the looks on their faces that they didn't really want to...but when I finally got in there...I never came back out! You could say the mission was just a tad surprised ;) We lost but I had a blast...I hope we'll be able to play again in the future.

That's about it for this week! But I love you all!

Hermana Ingram

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