Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Week 28 A Long Week July 28, 2014

I've gotten permission to run so I've been running every morning. I had to pull the famous Amie Ingram heel click.

Una semana bien laaarrrrggggooooo!

Tuesday a man contacted us in the street asking us how he could become Mormon like us. By being baptized of course! We explained that we could visit him at his house and teach him about the word of God. Turns out he doesn't live here...he lives like 2 hours away...I told him that there were missionaries where he lived that would be able to teach him the same message but he insisted that we be the ones to teach him. "Ya I've seen them in my area before....a brown-skinned boy and a white boy...but 2 white girls is so much better!" We've been being contacted by all kinds of people lately! And the only thing they're interested in is having two "gueras" (white girls) come over and preach the word of God. Considering painting my skin brown and dying my hair black...what do you think?;)
Me with the Nezahualcoyotl statue
Why such a long week you ask? EVERYONE is on vacation...which means that NO ONE has been home. Friday we literally spent 4 hours walking our area passing by every member in our ward...and not a single person opened up... 30 houses and NOTHING! A little extra exercise anyone? Frustrating...but it's during the hard times that you have to keep pushing forward...and when you do, something good always turns up.

Saturday we were able to find 4 new investigators....all of that walking paid off!! We also had a Family Home Evening with some of our investigators. We brought the iron rod puzzle that I had made. They made fried plantains topped with sweetened and condensed milk for dessert. FHE's are one of my favorite things out here on the mission. Afterwards we headed to a family of investigators to teach them and remind them to come to church the next day. When I asked the dad told me that they were leaving early the next morning and that they weren't going to be able to come to church. When I asked where they were going they replied, "To see Jesus." What?? So, apparently they're skipping church to go and "see Jesus"...that's a good reason right?

Sunday: pretty great day! President Stutznegger and his wife attended our ward yesterday and spoke. EVERYONE was paying attention...and the spirit was super strong. We also had 2 baptisms! Ivan and Luis Lopez FINALLY got baptized! It's about time right!? And even better, Omar (their dad) was able to get the priesthood and baptize his two sons. He was so happy to be able to baptize them.
Now they're preparing as a family to be able to enter the temple in a year and the two boys are already talking about serving missions. One word: GOLDEN! After the baptism, we headed over to their house for lunch. About halfway through cooking the gas ran we opted into lighting coals and BBQing...Yummy!!!

That's about it for this week… But I love you all! Viva México!!

Hermana Ingram

You know you're serving a mission in Mexico when....
1) Hot Shower = waking up early and sticking an iron in a bucket of water
2) Everyone and their mom owns a dog.
3) It's prohibited to flush toilet paper down the toilet.
4) EVERYTHING you eat is fried.
5) You see a family of 6 drive by on a single moped scooter.
6) You run the trash out to the garbage man and his horse pulling a garbage cart.
7) Midnight snack = salsa verde tamale. (The tamale man walks the streets at night yelling, ¨TAMALES!!!¨) 
Soccer with the Lopez family

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